About us


Due to electric heating related companies strong request of raw materials and components multi resources, Main Key Trading is established in 1993.
We started our business based on Japanese production know-how and quality control to find out and import Chinese mica, alloy heating wires and quartz products. We provide our customers high quality products with reasonable prices besides of Euro-America products. As 2nd step, we built our Guangzhou factory to manufacture heating components for our home appliance customers to raise their competitive ability. In the meanwhile, we increase commodity items and deepen foreign business. Following industrial innovation and various demands, Main Key expands our business from electric heating basic materials to manufacturing equipments, electronic and optic high-end industries.

Facing rapid alteration of industrial models and customers’ various demands, we try to make use of professional know-how and managing resources to create new products and introduce high reputation brands. We also provide professional wide range productions and technical services. Our vision is working with our customers, growing with our partners.

The stories of Main Key